Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer 2007 blooms

Gardening efforts have been paying off well so far this year in spite of a deplorable lack of rainfall. These are just some of the blooms we get to enjoy on a regular basis. Every day brings something new and we are all enjoying our little walks around the yard to see what is new for that day. Enjoy!
PS The plants I called "Mystery" are because all of the labels from the daylillies I bought at Lowe's last year were wrong. These blooms are just as pretty but I don't know their names.

white Asiatic lily -------------mystery lily (8 inch blooms) --- Raspberry Pixie daylily

batik iris -----------------------orange Asiatic lily ----------double peach daylily

maroon iris ----------double hollyhock --------dahlia

Mystery Asiatic lily -------- Always Afternoon daylily --------Fulva daylily

Mexican petunia -----------------------Liatris ----------Raspberry Masterpiece Daylily

Annie Welch daylily ----------------Bonanza daylily -------------mystery daylily
purple coneflowers ----------bee balm from Steph-------Asiatic lillies from Sherry

Lavendar deal daylily ------------bird planted thistle -----------mystery daylily

visitor to sunflower ------------Chinese Scholar daylily -----Siloam Merle Kent daylily

Big Bird daylily -----------------Mystery daylily ------------------Pink iris

Sammy Russell daylily ----------mystery iris ---------------Lavendar illusion daylily

blanketflower------------------- iceland poppy -----------oranges and lemons blanketflower

tickseed, geranium & primrose ------columbine ----------------blue eyed grass

iris -----------------------red hot poker -------white coneflower ----bird planted sunflower

Lemon Lollipop daylily ---------Small Gesture daylily ----------bleeding hearts

orange rose ----------------------evening primrose --------------red rose

nicotiana -------------------------Stokes Aster --------------Stella D'Oro daylily

white rose ---------------------mouse ears coreopsis-------------- leopardsbane

mystery daylily -------------------English daisy -------------------winecups

sedum in bloom -----------------------coreopsis ---------Centauria Mountain Bluet(?)

Mystery daylily from Rick-------bird-planted moss rose -------------dutch iris

Red asiatic lily -------------Canadian Border Patrol Daylily -----Mystery daylily

Dominic daylily

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