Deb's garden

Monday, May 26, 2008

More pretty stuff

More pretty stuff blooming...

blue eyed grass

Bowl of Beauty peony

Batik iris

blue iris

Hunter's Clematis

yellow coneflower

red knock-out rose

blue geranium

cute little white flower (can't remember the name)

Japanese painted fern

pink clematis

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spring 2008

This year's crop of Iris are pretty stunning...

Lavendar ruffled iris

Red columbine


Bleeding hearts

Firecracker columbines

Grape iris

small lavendar iris

Hunter's iris

Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer 2007 blooms

Gardening efforts have been paying off well so far this year in spite of a deplorable lack of rainfall. These are just some of the blooms we get to enjoy on a regular basis. Every day brings something new and we are all enjoying our little walks around the yard to see what is new for that day. Enjoy!
PS The plants I called "Mystery" are because all of the labels from the daylillies I bought at Lowe's last year were wrong. These blooms are just as pretty but I don't know their names.

white Asiatic lily -------------mystery lily (8 inch blooms) --- Raspberry Pixie daylily

batik iris -----------------------orange Asiatic lily ----------double peach daylily

maroon iris ----------double hollyhock --------dahlia

Mystery Asiatic lily -------- Always Afternoon daylily --------Fulva daylily

Mexican petunia -----------------------Liatris ----------Raspberry Masterpiece Daylily

Annie Welch daylily ----------------Bonanza daylily -------------mystery daylily
purple coneflowers ----------bee balm from Steph-------Asiatic lillies from Sherry

Lavendar deal daylily ------------bird planted thistle -----------mystery daylily

visitor to sunflower ------------Chinese Scholar daylily -----Siloam Merle Kent daylily

Big Bird daylily -----------------Mystery daylily ------------------Pink iris

Sammy Russell daylily ----------mystery iris ---------------Lavendar illusion daylily

blanketflower------------------- iceland poppy -----------oranges and lemons blanketflower

tickseed, geranium & primrose ------columbine ----------------blue eyed grass

iris -----------------------red hot poker -------white coneflower ----bird planted sunflower

Lemon Lollipop daylily ---------Small Gesture daylily ----------bleeding hearts

orange rose ----------------------evening primrose --------------red rose

nicotiana -------------------------Stokes Aster --------------Stella D'Oro daylily

white rose ---------------------mouse ears coreopsis-------------- leopardsbane

mystery daylily -------------------English daisy -------------------winecups

sedum in bloom -----------------------coreopsis ---------Centauria Mountain Bluet(?)

Mystery daylily from Rick-------bird-planted moss rose -------------dutch iris

Red asiatic lily -------------Canadian Border Patrol Daylily -----Mystery daylily

Dominic daylily

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